Ink Seduces Lives when Undead Rise by Rae Stapleton (ePUB)

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Ink Seduces Lives when Undead Rise (Midnight Arcanum Academy #1) by Rae Stapleton – Free eBooks Download


Zombies and Sacrificial Slayings. That’s pretty much the news headline every single day now. Like most people, I have no freaking clue why the dead are rising, or what’s causing it. All I know is that my mother is missing, and I want her back. And if this supernatural team of monster hunters can track her down then I will do anything—absolutely anything for them. Even if it means, sharing my soul to do it.
Oh sorry, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Evangeline Midnight, and one month ago I was just your average teenage girl. An aspiring tattoo artist ready to graduate high school and go to university. Then we botched a séance, my mother went missing and some powerful necromancer flooded the streets of New Orleans with zombies.
Oh well, you know what they say: Let the Good Times Roll.

Warning: This is book one in a steamy reverse harem urban fantasy romance series where there are six guys—well, five supernatural guys and one demon, and no choosing required! Expect laughter, sexy polyamorous situations, and kick-ass action with everything from faeries, vamps, dragons and shifters to demons, ghosts, and witches. *Kitchen sink excluded. Vivid sexual content and language. Scroll up and click that button, baby!

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