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Ink (Golden Skulls M.C. #9) by Rebecca Joyce – Free eBooks Download


The funny this about the past is that no matter how hard I try, I can never forget it ~ Ink

The Golden Skulls have found a new home. Rebuilding and moving on after the destruction of the Society caused. Life seems good. I should have known that peace was an illusion because when my past rears its ugly head, the club comes face to face with something I thought long and buried.
I never forgot the woman who broke my heart all those years ago. So, imagine my surprise when she walks back into my life with a big secret. The thing is that sometimes, some secrets should stay secret. When the truth of what really happened all those years ago surfaces, my past sins come to light bringing a whole new set of problems.
To make matters worse, a visitor arrives with ties to the club and me.
Stuck between what I truly desire and my past, I make a decision that has severe repercussions and sets the club on a new path of destruction.

I never expected to see the Golden Skulls again, let alone him, when I heard that the compound blew, leaving behind death and devastation. I moved on, thinking the worst until I watched the news and learned that some of the members survived. Hoping for the best, I packed up everything I loved and went in search of him.
What we had together left a lasting impression, one I saw every day.
When I showed up out of the blue, I never expected the hostile welcome or to see two of the people I loved alive and well. Adjusting to club life was easier than I thought until my secret reared its ugly head.

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