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Infamy & Entropy (Endless Obsession) by Kelsie Calloway – Free eBooks Download


Infamy: the state of being well known for a bad quality
The day she walked through the doors of the Rivershore Country Club, I staked a claim on her. The other men laughed. “She’s married, Thorn. Hell, you’re married.” But it didn’t take long for me to get rid of my wife.
When I fall, I fall fast. And the moment I saw Noelle Christen, I knew that the perfect woman had fallen into my lap. I could never tell our kids the things I did to make her mine, but I worked hard for that woman. I am the reason our love story exists.
Entropy: the gradual decline into disorder and chaos
I thought that I found love, but we all make mistakes. Thighs quivering, breath ragged, chest heaving, I submit to Thorn. “Say it, Noelle,” he whispers in the dark. “Say those three little words and you can have everything.”
Thornton Ford is a rich, powerful man and he wants me. Nobody ever tells you the high you’ll be on if you find yourself in a situation like this. “Okay,” I whisper to the darkness, “I’ll leave him. I’ll leave my husband.” Thorn allows me release. He gives me the world.

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