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Infamous Desires (Arranged Devotion #3) by Kit Shepard – Free eBooks Download


After a high-ranking member of the infamous Vitali crime family is caught spying on Lazzaro Malnati’s city, the underboss isn’t thrilled when he’s forced to play diplomat.

Discovering firsthand that there’s a sinfully sweet Vitali sister changes nothing. The ransom exchange for her brother-in-law going so wrong that she offers him cookies, however… The exchange absolutely doesn’t end with a disturbing realization: Aurora is the first person Lazzaro has connected with in eight years.
Aurora Vitali is a gracious soul drifting through her brothers’s shadowy world. Growing up with three adoring mafioso siblings shaped her into the person she is today—for better or for worse. The existence of a Vitali sister was a closely guarded secret. Running into an enemy underboss exposes more about her unhinged family than Aurora cares to accept.
Lazzaro’s “non-feelings” ignite when the boss orders him to stabilize a truce by marrying Aurora. However, the softness that captivates him shrouds her iron-clad loyalty. To her, their marriage is nothing but a political gain for her family.
Much to Aurora’s chagrin, the pragmatic underboss is charming—and, worse, he’s obscenely thoughtful. Aurora wants to befriend Lazzaro, but she despises attachments. Commitment, devotion, and love are things she’s never craved. Yet, that hasn’t stopped her from shunning relationships.
Unfortunately for Aurora, her arranged husband is a romantic at heart with a thing for spoiling.

Infamous Desires is a standalone mafia romance with no cheating drama. It contains themes and subject matter that some may find disturbing. The Arranged Devotion series is interconnected but can be read in any order.

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