Inescapable Truths by Asa Torrance (ePUB)

inescapable truths, asa torrance

Inescapable Truths by Asa Torrance – Free eBooks Download


“You’re just some spoiled prep school girl now, pawing at my door like a stray animal.”
Noah Roswell.
The boy next door with an axe, and a serious chip on his shoulder.
Then there’s me.
The girl who used to live next door. He thinks four years of prep school has changed me.
Made me weak.
I tell myself I have nothing to prove.
Besides, the only thing that makes me weak are his dark green eyes, and a body made hard by the mountain he stayed on, and I left behind.
Now that I’m back for Winter break, I think I can ignore him.
But Mother Nature has different plans.
Being snowed in together threatens to drive us crazy, until we come up with a way to keep busy.
And it all starts with one vicious game of Truth or Dare.
I think I can handle it.
Turns out, the only thing more inescapable than the storm raging outside, are the truths waiting to come to light.

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