Indecent Temptations by Viktor Redreich (ePUB)

indecent temptations, viktor redreich

Indecent Temptations by Viktor Redreich – Free eBooks Download


I’m half her age and everyone in our small town is gossiping about our forbidden relationship.
Oh sure she’s my former schoolteacher, but I’m a fit, fun, college guy now.
I’m jacked now. Big biceps, toned abs, and glutes to die for.
Maybe everyone’s just jealous because I know how to show her a good time.
I take her out. We sing. We dance. We laugh.
Is it really such a bad thing that I’m dating her?
Is it really so wrong that I tried to kiss her?
More importantly, is it anybody’s goddamn business what she and I do with each other?
The whole town is up in arms about it.
Her fellow teachers won’t look her in the eye.
Parents of her students are accusing her of all kinds of horrible things.
The school principal is demanding that she stop seeing me.
Her reputation is in danger. Her livelihood is at stake.
Will she risk losing her dignity for the sake of her happiness?

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