In this Bed of Snowflakes We Lie by Sophia Soames (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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In this Bed of Snowflakes We Lie by Sophia Soames – Free eBooks Download


Oskar Høiland hides from life. It just makes things easier that way, not having to face all the fears and drama of living. He avoids other people, because Oskar has grown up fearing the snide remarks and the quick glances that strip him of the tiny scraps of confidence he still has left. He is just going to keep existing. Work hard to complete his medical degree and perhaps watch a few more series on Netflix in peace and quiet over Christmas.

Erik Nøst Hansen should be an almost fully-fledged adult. He should be able to sort out the mess that festers in his head and stop lying. It’s just hard. And it’s bloody terrifying to even acknowledge the thoughts that swirl around in his head at night when he can’t sleep. He also needs to figure out how to talk to the boy downstairs. The one with the golden curls and the crooked smile. The boy who is completely monopolising Erik’s messed-up heart.

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