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In the Dark (The Dark #1) by Danah Logan – Free eBooks Download


My name is Lilly McGuire.
I accepted a long time ago that my older brother is no longer part of my life. It’s been over two years, and I still have no clue why he stopped talking to me.
Everything was great. Then he left for football camp the summer before I was going to join him at Westbridge High. When he came back, he pretended I didn’t exist, leaving the room every time I’d enter.
Eventually, he stopped coming home altogether and basically moved in with his best friend, Wes. Our parents never said a word.
Now, just when I’m content again with my life, I choose the wrong topic for my journalism assignment. Or is it maybe the right one?
I get sucked into a ten-year-old case of missing girls, and with every passing day, I get pulled in deeper and deeper into a world that makes me question everything I believed to be the truth.
When I finally decide that I’m simply losing my mind, something unexpected happens, and I have to make a choice that will determine not only my entire future, but also my safety.

My name is Rhys McGuire.
My life is based on secrets, and two years ago, I had to make a choice. I stayed away, but I’ve kept watching.
Now, fate has thrown me a bone, and the decision is mine again. Stay quiet or come clean? Continue the charade or tell her everything that’s been tearing me apart since I was seven years old?
The choice is mine, but do I really have one? If she finds out, I could lose her forever. The ones she has trusted most will be the ones that have betrayed her—maybe even beyond repair. I want to believe that she would forgive me, but could she move past all of the lies?
In the Dark is the first book in a series of secrets, love, friendship, betrayal, AND more secrets.

Dear Reader, In The Dark is the first book in a trilogy within The Dark Series and ends with a CLIFFHANGER. Before beginning this series, please note that the first three books are one CONTINUOUS story, with Of Light and Dark being the conclusion.

This series is intended for MATURE readers. Please be aware that as the series progresses, FUTURE BOOKS could contain TRIGGERS some readers may find bothersome.

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