In Scandal with the Duke by Stacy Reid (ePUB)

in scandal with duke, stacy reid

In Scandal with the Duke (Sins & Sensibilities #1) by Stacy Reid – Free eBooks Download



Jaded by fortune hunters who covet her wealth rather than her heart, American heiress Miss Elizabeth Armstrong has abandoned the pursuit of marriage. Resigned to enjoy her London visit before returning to New York, Elizabeth’s deep desire for adventures is ignited after a chance meeting with the cynical yet captivating Duke of Basil.
James, a seasoned rake with a steadfast rule against entanglements with debutantes and innocents, finds himself irresistibly drawn to Elizabeth’s wit and charm. Intent on indulging in a fleeting affair, he plans to savor the intoxicating pleasures she offers without any promises of tomorrow. However, Elizabeth proves far more alluring than he anticipated. As their passionate connection deepens, James becomes ensnared in a web of scandal and heartbreak.

Will they find the courage to embrace the love that binds them, or will their affair end in ruin?

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