In Love with a Ranger by Ginny Sterling (ePUB)

in love with ranger, ginny sterling

In Love with a Ranger (Reserve Ranch and Rescue) by Ginny Sterling – Free eBooks Download


A ranch in Wyoming becomes the backdrop for a heartwarming love story, where wounded heroes and strong women form a makeshift family.

Charge forward, attack, and take the enemy down!
Gideon Beck always dreamed of being an Airborne Army Ranger, but when his chute failed to open, he was just lucky to be alive. Now, at his sister’s tearful request, he was holed away in some remote location to heal. This was not quite what he expected, nor did he anticipate his roommate, Chris, to be a girl.
Back away and extend a hand gently toward the wounded animal.
Christina took one look at the man staring at her in shock, made an about-face, and marched back in the direction she’d just come from. The invitation to study animal husbandry on a ranch for free was too good to pass up and now she understood why. Her cabin came with a ‘wounded creature’ who was utterly gorgeous and a condition that would be impossible to refuse.

Was this chance at finishing her degree going to end up being more than she ever bargained for?

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