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In His Sights (Brothers Synn #1) by Victoria Light – Free eBooks Download


Chris: Thanks to the fight, my face is once again on every tabloid page in America. I wasn’t going to just let that guy call me gay. Now my management’s forcing a 24/7 bodyguard to keep an eye on me until my new album drops. Just what I need, temptation in the form of Sylus Synn, a hard-bodied, hot-as-hell ex-Marine now living under my roof. When I find out Sylus is gay, I feel myself slipping. I want to him to know my secret, to finally indulge in the pleasures I’ve been denying myself. But how the hell can I break through a lifetime of fear and guilt?

Sylus: Babysitting a troublemaking celebrity should be nothing compared to what I’ve done as a spec ops sniper, but Chris has a way of making everything difficult. I can’t help but feel like he enjoys getting his ass subdued by me. My intuition tells me Chris might not be as straight as he wants everyone to believe. It ain’t my job to get Chris out of the closet. But when he comes to me with one highly unusual request, it’s damn hard to remain professional. How can I turn down an offer to teach a “straight” guy a few gay tricks?

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