In Favor of Forever by Haven Rose (ePUB)

in favor forever, haven rose

In Favor of Forever (May December Romance) by Haven Rose – Free eBooks Download


Good can come from tragedy…

Losing my parents broke something in me that I didn’t think could ever heal. And while I’ve been right so far, I chose to honor their lives by opening a protection firm. No, keeping people safe doesn’t make their deaths easier to accept, though it does help knowing I can prevent other families from experiencing that pain. When close friends of my dad and mom reach out, scared for their granddaughter, Tatum Tanner, I find myself personally accepting the assignment. I just wish I knew why.
Who can you trust more than the woman that gave birth to you? Apparently, almost everybody else – as long as they aren’t affiliated with the cult she joined. As a kid, I had to comply. When I got older, it was the same, just for a different reason. I wasn’t allowed to leave. According to the leader, I had a purpose. When I got a chance to seek escape, I took it, uncaring of the risk to my safety. However, my rescuer, Anders McKay, presents another kind of danger. This one to my heart.

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