In Debt to the Mafia by Rosa Milano (ePUB)

debt to mafia, rosa milano

In Debt to the Mafia by Rosa Milano – Free eBooks Download


An obsessive mafia hitman. A smalltown girl in debt to the mob. A match made in hell.

I owe a debt to a made man. I already knew he was powerful, mysterious, and dangerous. Now I know he’s also a ruthless killer and I’m trapped with him. When he takes hold of me, I want to hate him but his touch is making my insides melt.

I know I should run from this dark desire but he’s just made me an offer I can’t refuse. One weekend with him and I earn my freedom.
Now I’m being drawn into a new world of delicious lust and burning passion. A world where I don’t belong. His world.

I need to get away from the coldblooded brute before the flames of desire consume us both. But how can I leave with ropes binding me? He’s made it clear. We have an agreement. Two nights with him and my debt is paid.

And Leonardo Rossi always collects his debts.

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