In Danger by Marissa Blush (ePUB)

in danger, adalind white

In Danger (Undercover #1) by Marissa Blush, Adalind White – Free eBooks Download


Duty before desire.
It should be easy.

Nick Woods is an experienced homicide detective who uses intuition and mind games to catch killers. His out of the box approach to solving crimes screwed up most of his partnerships and he’s not happy to go undercover with someone so new to the game.
Skye is a young by the book police officer with a sunny disposition, a hippie upbringing and a special talent for undercover missions. Working with a partner got her shot during her previous mission, and she’s not eager to repeat the experience. But when young women who look like her turn up dead, she has to make a choice: sit behind a desk while innocent people keep dying or go undercover with a partner again.

Nick and Skye have to act as father and daughter to flush out a serial killer, and they struggle to remain professional despite the intense sexual tension.
What’s more dangerous: the killer who lives across the street or their explosive attraction?
Maybe they can manage to put duty before desire, but what happens after they close the case?

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  • In Danger – Marissa Blush, Adalind White ePUB



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