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impetus, marian andrew

Impetus (Brotherhood of Saints #2) by Marian Andrew – Free eBooks Download


There’s a new game changer, and his name is Dylan Peterson. The boy with the wolf eyes, my first crush, and real heartbreak.

Except he’s no boy anymore; that teenager morphed into a body rippled with danger and strength. It would be a perfect reunion if it weren’t for the fact that Dylan is an inner circle member of the gang that murdered my family, left me for dead, and destroyed my life.
And now he holds a gun to West’s head while the latter points one at mine.
We’re standing like dominoes on a gameboard. One push and the end effect will be disastrous; nothing good will come from this new revelation about me. I’ve spun so many tales to West and his crew that I’m not sure he’ll believe if I tell him the truth.
But here’s hoping because my identity is compromised, and the odds of getting out alive from BSR’s compound are slim.
Even if by some miracle I escape, there’s a bounty on my tail because someone thinks they bought me at a sex trade auction house, and I’m sure Archer’s disappearance has something to do with it. I need to find the missing fourth player of the Brotherhood so they can finally topple Prophet’s kingdom.

I’m playing a dangerous game, but there’s no turning back now. Destiny has mapped out my future for me.

It’s IMPETUS from here on out.

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