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imperfect, alie garnett

Imperfect (Landstad #6) by Alie Garnett – Free eBooks Download


“I don’t make people just strip naked, Hue. I always offer them a gown,”

Amanda knew she wouldn’t offer him one if he ever darkened her clinic’s door, because the sexy cop was the only person the nurse practitioner wanted to see naked in their small town. Not that she would ever admit to that, because she wasn’t his type. After a bitter divorce and an ill-fated affair, she returned to her small hometown, done with love, relationships and babies. Or will be once she loses the baby she’s carrying, past experience says she will lose this one too. That’s the reason she isn’t telling anyone, not her friends or family. Leaving her torn between excitement for the time she has with her unborn baby and depression that it will be over all too soon leaving her no room for her growing feelings for Hue.
Any day, anytime Hue would happily strip naked for his neighbor Amanda if only she would ask. Instead, he made excuse after excuse to spend time with his best friend’s sister, sadly always fully dressed. She had friend zoned him years ago, and he had yet to find a way to change that. Hue wants more than friendship from the outgoing, bossy, hot blonde next door. He wants her. Now he just has to figure out how to get her to notice him, because he’s tired of being just her friend.

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