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i'm here, adam arbiter

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On the cusp of adulthood, Garret Clarke embarks on a life changing path. Thrust onto the front lines of World War 2, he is eager to become a hero. The reality of war is not what was promised and he very quickly becomes disillusioned, demoralized and disheartened. The promises of glory and immortality were lies told to boys hungry for their chance to prove their strength and courage. There seems to be no chance of becoming a hero and Garret’s story may be destined to be cut short, far too short.
The arrival of new soldiers, after a particularly horrible battle, allows for new friendships to form. Simon Cooper is destined to be more than just a friend. The two find all that they have ever been in search of in one another and they dream of a life and future together.
The natures of love and war are inexplicable and both are terribly dangerous. Simon and Garret are men in a time where simply loving could be enough to end their lives; coupled with the constant threat of the front lines, their story will not be one of ease.
Love is worth the risk.

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