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illegal justice, aria ray

Illegal Justice (Ruthless Russian Mob #4) by Aria Ray – Free eBooks Download


All I wanted was to expose the corrupt cops within the NYPD.
I’m a journalist, digging up dirt is what I do.
But when my father, the police commissioner, is murdered by his brothers in arms, I know I’m their next target.
They’ll do anything to silence me.
Unless I find protection!
And I know just the man for the job.
Dimitri Ivanov, chief enforcer of the Russian Brava –
The most dangerous man in the city.
And a sworn enemy of the NYPD.
Dimitri agrees to help me, but his aid does not come free.
I have to stay at his home, follow his every command – and play the good girl
If I do, I might live long enough to see Bratva do what I couldn’t:
Avenge my father – and bring down the corrupt cops who killed him.
It’s a deal with the devil, but it’s my only chance.
And the moment this is all over I intend to bring Dimitri and his men in.
What I don’t expect, however, is to have his carnal rough maleness sending tingles through my body and making me want a whole lot more from him than just his protection.
When the time comes, will I be the only one looking to double-cross my partner-in-illegal-justice?
And will I still want to?

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