I’ll Love You Tomorrow by Julie Navickas (ePUB)

love you tomorrow, julie navickas

I’ll Love You Tomorrow (The Trading Heartbeats Trilogy #3) by Julie Navickas – Free eBooks Download


Las Vegas. The city of lights, smiles, and memories.

Lauren Templeton knew at six-years-old she would one day marry Mitch Benson. He began earning the title of soulmate the moment he let her cut in line for the swing set. Twenty years later and Mitch sealed the deal at a cheap Vegas wedding chapel. That night, the modest diamond on her finger shined brighter than all the lights in Sin City.
But as the honeymoon years of wedded bliss fade, Mitch pulls away without reason. Confused and hurt by his sudden change of heart, Lauren pours every ounce of her soul into Pier Ninety-Two—her once swanky, now barely surviving restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.
When Pier Ninety-Two burns to the ground in a grease fire, Lauren is left with nothing but sorrow, legal consequences, and a failing marriage. She reels from the sudden, heartbreaking losses—and mourns the life and love she once shared with Mitch. Fueled by the flame of injustice, Lauren stacks her chips, ready to risk it all on red, consequences be damned. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Jump right into the final book in the Trading Heartbeats trilogy! While each story can be read as a standalone, common characters are woven throughout each book that will leave you pining for more. Julie Navickas’ stories are full of raw emotion, heart-stopping plot twists, and have no shortage of flawed heroes.

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