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Ignite Me (Watch Me Burn #4) by R.E. Bond – Free eBooks Download


We’re going to be okay.
We’re broken, but we’ll rebuild.
If we can all get along, long enough to deal with this shit.
Who decides to get involved with so many guys and thinks it’s going to be smooth sailing?
Spoiler alert, it’s not.
The guys are totally going to start killing each other soon.
Lukas and Jensen can’t seem to figure their relationship out.
Skeeter and Marco might kill each other one of these days.
If it gets any worse, I might just kill them myself.
With the Devils and Psychos working alongside each other, things are calmer.
Well, other than the Psychos recruiting some newbies.
Oh, and Satan’s Soldiers are back in town with a new leader, so that’s just wonderful.
My guys keep showing me every day that this is real, and I’m so in love it’s gross.
Family has become everything to me, but I wish they’d let me handle my own shit.
It’s a shame there’s no hope at saving my sister from my revenge.
She dug her own grave.
I know I said red was my colour, but I’m getting pretty good at wearing orange.
Don’t cross me, it’s goddamn simple.

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