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Ignite (Burning Moon #2) by R.K. Close – Free eBooks Download


Hiding in plain sight was easy…until the vampires came to town.

In a small college town, nestled in the mountains of Arizona, three firefighting brothers struggle to hide their inner beasts; all the while, protecting a community who can never know the truth.

Seth McKenzie has a reputation among the ladies and he’s proud of it. If only he could stop dreaming about a certain dark-haired vampire, he could get back to having fun. Is he drawn to her because she’s forbidden fruit? Maybe, but Seth can’t help but believe there is something special about Olivia. There is no denying the way she makes him feel. When Olivia’s life is threatened, Seth may be surprised to discover how far he will go to protect the feisty vampire.

Olivia is the youngest and most rebellious of the vampire clan who have recently taken up residency in the normally peaceful town. She thought becoming a vampire was the worst thing that could have happened to her—she was wrong.

After moving to the small town, and meeting Seth, Flagstaff had begun to feel like home. When an impulsive act of heroism draws the attention of a deadly enemy, Olivia has the chance to save herself, but is she ready to leave the only person who stirs feelings inside her that she thought were lost forever?

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