If You Give an Artist a Killer Muse by Laiza Millan (ePUB)

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If You Give an Artist a Killer Muse by Laiza Millan – Free eBooks Download


Briar Reyes
People say I’m crazy and unhinged, and maybe they’re right. As a member of the Charons, I deal out justice with my pink bedazzled dagger, ensuring the wicked get what’s coming to them. I thrive in chaos, and nothing can shake me… Until I meet Rurik Campbell. The quiet, artistic golden boy becomes my latest fascination, and I’m determined to make him mine, even if it means breaking through his icy exterior.

Rurik Campbell
I’ve always preferred solitude, finding peace in my art and quiet routines. But all that changes when Briar Reyes crashes into my life. She’s wild, unpredictable, and everything I’m not. At first, I resist her relentless pursuit, but her passion and intensity start to wear down my defenses. She disrupts my calm world, and I am drawn into her chaotic orbit.

Briar Reyes, a fearless and unhinged member of the infamous Charons, lives for chaos and justice. Her world takes a startling turn when she becomes obsessed with Rurik Campbell, a reclusive and artistic golden boy who values his solitude and peace. Despite Rurik’s initial resistance, Briar’s relentless pursuit draws him into her turbulent orbit. As they confront their inner demons and the darkness surrounding them, they discover an unexpected bond.

Tropes: broody grumpy/scary sunshine, hate to love, push and pull, she falls first, but he falls harder, spicy dark romance

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