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it this goes out, romeo alexander

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What if the love you never forgot found you again?
Kameron: Moving back home to take care of my abusive father is the stuff of nightmares. I never wanted to see this place again, the memories are still too raw. I need a job to help pay the bills, but I didn’t expect the search to lead me straight into the path of my closeted ex-boyfriend, Able, the only man I’d ever loved. The man I walked away from, with good reason, and who I haven’t seen in over a decade. Our shared history holds a lot of unresolved tension, but a job is a job…I know I can do this.

Abel: Trying to raise my son on my own while running for mayor is hard. Since my wife died, it’s been just Dean and I rebuilding our lives. Then my loud and proud ex shows up, bringing a whole new set of complications. It’s hard to deny there’s still a connection, but if it ever got out that I was with another man, my life would implode, and it’s my son who’d suffer most. I loved Kameron once. Maybe I still do. I know it’s a terrible idea, but I’m drawn to him…I’m not sure I can do this.

This bisexual, second chances tale dredges up the past, both good and bad, for Kameron and Able. Of course, a second chance means nothing if you haven’t learned from the first one, so if you’re lucky enough to get a second chance, don’t screw it up, right? But have either of these troubled men learned the lessons of the past?

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