If I’m Being Honest by Kristin Marzullo (ePUB)

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If I’m Being Honest by Kristin Marzullo – Free eBooks Download


Brooklyn tends to be pessimistic. Raised by her mother and the prized possession of her absent father, she’s always felt caught between two worlds: who she is and who her parents expect her to be. As a result, she decides to spend the summer in Boston supporting her mom after the divorce and discovering where she fits in.
Eli manages a bookstore better than he manages his friends, family, and his broken heart. A wealth of knowledge in women’s fiction, he so easily slips in under Brooklyn’s skin. More annoying than his perfect face is how he can read her like every book he keeps stocked on the shelves.
The only problem is Eli refuses to open up.
When hearts collide, one is bound to break. Can Brooklyn piece together Eli’s mysterious past before the summer ends? Or will she go back to LA disappointed that she’s been right all along, and love doesn’t conquer all?

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