If I Can’t Have You by Elena Aitken (ePUB)

if i can't, elena aitken

If I Can’t Have You (Trickle Creek #2) by Elena Aitken – Free eBooks Download


He chose his career. She settled for ‘just friends’. Now he’s back, and everything’s changed. Except her feelings.

Charli Carlson’s never been good enough. Not for her family, Not for herself. And definitely not for her best friend whom she’s been desperately in love with since they were kids. But that hasn’t been an issue since he left their small mountain town years ago to pursue his career.
Two-time Olympic medalist, Symon Scott is back in Trickle Creek to nurse his wounds and get his head straight after an injury sidelined his career. He walked away from his best friend and his town once. But now he’s back and it doesn’t take long before Symon starts to notice Charli in an entirely different way.
Soon, it’s not just his career that’s on the line, but his heart, too.
Being with Symon after all this time feels right. But before she can give herself over to it, Charli still needs to prove to him, her family and most importantly, to herself, that not only is she deserving of a happily ever after, she has what it takes to achieve it.

But when push comes to shove and with everything on the line, will Symon choose her this time? Or once again, will he leave her in the cold

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