I Put A Spell On You by Juliet Tate (ePUB)

put spell on you, juliet tate

I Put A Spell On You (Halloween Fun #2) by Juliet Tate – Free eBooks Download


What’s even scarier than contacting the dead on Halloween Eve?

Having a love spell put on a man you don’t want. My best friend Riley’s misguided attempts at finding me a boyfriend were luckily interrupted by my real crush – her older brother, Luke Miller. But now he’s acting weird, challenging me and making bets. He thinks I’ll be too scared to make it through. One minute we’re stuck in the séance room of a haunted house, the next we’re being chased by vengeful ghosts.
I don’t give up on a challenge. I never lose a bet.
I’m determined to make it through, even if it means sitting in a graveyard at midnight.
Is it cheating if I feel safer with him by my side?
But what will happen when Riley finds out about my feelings for him? Because now the scariest thing of all is the thought of losing him.

I gave up on love and happily ever after when my mom left my dad and the rest of our family years ago. My family was broken, and I left college to put the pieces back together. But my sister Riley never gave up on love. She put a spell on my father and his now girlfriend.
When I hear her using the same spell on her friend Zoey Hall, to set her up with a man that’s no good for her, I step into action.
It missed its intended target, but I think it landed on me.
Because now I can’t get her out of my head. It has me doing crazy things just to get her determined focus on me.
If this spell doesn’t wear off soon, I can’t be held responsible for my actions.
My sister doesn’t know what she put in motion. Spell or not, Zoey’s mine.

This is an 18k word steamy-sweet romance novella with a guaranteed HEA. The stories in the series are intermingled, but each can be read as a standalone.

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