I Love Teasing My Grumpy Alien Bounty Hunter by Latrexa Nova (ePUB)

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I Love Teasing My Grumpy Alien Bounty Hunter (Mated to the Xirashi #3) by Latrexa Nova, Kyra Keys – Free eBooks Download


He’s dangerous, grumpy, and refuses to touch me. Just my type.

He was supposed to find me somewhere safe to go after his friends rescued us from the evil alien pirates. But I can’t imagine anywhere safer than in his arms.
Sure, he seems completely unenthused to be around me but I just know underneath that gruff exterior he’s a sweetheart. Stars be damned, I want a hot pink alien husband of my own.
Well, that and vengeance. Especially if it means giving me more opportunities to seduce him with my amazing wit.

I’m supposed to find her somewhere safe to go, now that she’s free. But all I want to do is tie her up and spank her til she thanks me for the pleasure.
My desires are too dark to act on, even knowing she’s my mirak, my biological mate. Not with my past. Not when she shines like starlight. I won’t dampen her light.
I will take any excuse to keep her near me—even knowing that helping her avenge the wrongs done to her will put her in danger.

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