I Hate You, Propose by Jamie Knight (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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I Hate You, Propose by Jamie Knight – Free eBooks Download


She hates me.
But I need her to say yes.

My grandfather is dying.
His one last wish is to see one of his grandsons engaged.
It’s so important to him that he makes it a contest.
The first one who finds a fiancée will inherit all of his fortune.
I have to win, I always do.
So, I think up a way to fool everyone.
Maybe even myself.
I ask my best friend’s little sister to pretend to be my fiancée.
She’s always abhorred me, but this arrangement can help her, too.
She wants to get her strict, religious parents off her back by telling them she’s engaged.
It’s just a mutually beneficial sham between my enemy and me.
Until I accidentally see her topless.
Then I can’t get her out of my mind.

Is my scheme so good that I’ve been fooling myself along with everyone else?
Or is getting fake engaged to her the best real thing to ever happen to me?

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