I Am Fake Fake Dating An Alien Rock Star by Kiki Moon (ePUB)

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I Am Fake Fake Dating An Alien Rock Star (Mated to the Geobros #3) by Kiki Moon, Kyra Keys – Free eBooks Download


It’s one thing to sneak around with a universe famous alien rock star. It’s another to realize you are fated to be, but everything is standing in your way.
I am in love with Irony. Not that Irony. Irony from the Geobros. A huge rock golem alien with a beautiful crown of flowers. We shouldn’t be together… but when we are there are fireworks. We can’t keep our hands off each other.
I don’t want to fool around anymore. I understand what it means to be marked by Irony. I am his. And by the universe, I want it. But everything between us is confusing. He won’t mark me even though it’s causing him pain not to. We are dating, but have to pretend we are fake dating to get off this planet.
And now he is making me question what I truly want. To follow in my father’s footsteps and become a famous scientist, or to run away with him. Even though we are fated to be… maybe we aren’t meant to be.

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