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I Almost Do (Trust & Tequila #1) by Evangeline Williams – Free eBooks Download


They say I married Clarissa Harcourt for her father’s company. They’re wrong.
When your mentor makes a dying wish that you’ll marry his daughter… you do it. Especially when you’re halfway in love with her already.
Unfortunately, this marriage of convenience is anything but convenient. Clarissa doesn’t know about the tattoos I hide under bespoke suits or my more than skin deep scars. She’s too vulnerable… and I’m too broken… for us to be more than married without benefits. When I told her I wouldn’t touch her with these dirty hands, I meant it.
Now I’m stuck between the rock on her finger and a very hard place behind my zipper.

Note to self: when your crush won’t consummate your wedding night, don’t drown your sorrows in tequila and serenade him with Elvis songs. And please lock the door so he doesn’t come in to hold your hair for you later.
Everyone says James is ruthless. But I know the side of him that is gentle and kind. The side that will give me anything my heart desires. Except the one thing my heart desires.
I married my father’s CFO hoping our “arrangement” would turn into something real. But as long as he controls my trust fund, he thinks he’d be taking advantage of me. He’s wrong.
I want to be his partner, not his responsibility. And that starts with tempting him into a lot more than kissing his bride.

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