I Abducted My Second Chance Alien Rock Star by Kiki Moon (ePUB)

i abducted alien, kiki moon

I Abducted My Second Chance Alien Rock Star (Mated to the Geobros #1) by Kiki Moon, Kyra Keys – Free eBooks Download


Every human should know one thing.
Never fall for an alien rock star who can recognize you from your…. legs.
Let’s get one thing straight. When I wanted an escape from this boring job. (Please read: Fantastic science research job, not a snooze fest). That did not mean literally falling head over heels for an alien rock man who only months ago had his tongue down there…..
But hey, I am not the type of girl who lets an opportunity slip away. Bulder from the famous Geobros rock band is prime pickings. And not because of what the others say about his rock hard… tail. With the amount of research data in that flower crown of his, I should be able to earn a day off.
So I may have made him come back to the camp with me… Well, I didn’t make him. I can just be… convincing with certain assets and suddenly, he is following me. Abduction… thirsty alien. Same thing really.
Bulder doesn’t make my plan easy, though. He won’t shut up. He is turning all the researchers into goo. And being really sweet and going out of his way for me.
Worst of all, Bulder keeps kissing me all the freaking time. What a jerk, making me feel emotions and stuff. Like I would believe in that. There’s one thing I know. Rock stars like Bulder are filled with two things. Desire and broken promises.

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