Hydrous by Amara Rae (ePUB)

hydrous, amara rae

Hydrous (Immortal Coven #2) by Amara Rae – Free eBooks Download


A witch with the gift of water. A fae bred in duty. An immortal world on the brink.

I’m supposed to lead my coven… but I don’t think there’s anything I can do to stop the vicious wave from crashing down on us. We have enemies on all fronts, including among our own kind, because our mothers mated with other immortals.
Hybrids aren’t supposed to exist, so we have to work twice as hard to survive our many enemies.
But things can always get worse.
The leaders of witchkind will do anything to get rid of us. Their latest gambit has drawn the eyes of the Blood King… and he can’t take them off of me. I was taught to avoid the fae at all costs, especially Blood fae. After all, my father is Winter fae.
And the Blood and Winter Kingdoms are at war.

It is my duty to end the war with the Winter Kingdom. I will succeed where my father failed.
The Oracle has spoken. To kill the Winter Queen, I must claim my mate and harness her power… and the half-fae witch will lead me to my female.
Naiya is a savage little thing. I would greatly enjoy playing with her.
Alas, there is much at stake, and she must act as the tool I require her to be.
For I am the Blood King, and the witch will cleave unto me.

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