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hustle, jenny bunting

Hustle (Here in Lillyvale #2) by Jenny Bunting – Free eBooks Download


Who has a parking-lot fan club arriving at the butt crack of dawn to watch his handstands?
A douchebag, that’s who.
Taylor is beyond miffed when another fitness studio moves in next door to her wildly successful one. The owner Malcolm Grant, with his stupid muscles, and his stupid tattoo, is like every other bro she’s dated before. Only this time, she will not be a victim of his cocky grins and charm thicker than a protein shake.
Malcolm has moved back to Lillyvale to open his dream business. He thought he could partner with Taylor as business allies, but that’s plainly impossible. She’s hot-tempered and stubborn, but damn, the sexual tension burns more calories than one of Taylor’s high-energy spin classes.
The competition to make the other bend has begun, and this ain’t no yoga class.
Limber up, say those personal mantras, and grab your water bottle because Hustle is a raging fun, energetic romantic comedy that will have Malcolm and Taylor realize:
Some people are worth the Hustle.

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