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husky, jessa kane

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It’s Fashion Week in New York City and Parker is down to the wire to design a men’s look. One problem? None of the slim male models are inspiring her. She goes in search of inspiration and finds Daws. He’s nothing like the men in the fashion world. He’s huge, he’s thick…he’s husky. And he’s exactly what she needs. Now to convince the gruff former bodyguard turned bar owner to be her pin cushion for the night…

Daws doesn’t need convincing. The moment Parker sets foot in his bar, he’s a goner. He’ll do anything to be alone with the fresh faced sweetheart, even if it means walking down a runway in front of a thousand strangers. It’s not long before temptation takes over and Daws shows Parker that big men do it better. But can he fit into her perfect world permanently? Or will they have to exist on the memories of their one explosive night?

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