Hurricane Ally by Liz Harman (ePUB)

hurricane ally, liz harman

Hurricane Ally (Return Tavern #2) by Liz Harman – Free eBooks Download


She’s reinventing herself.
He’s trying to be a better man.
They’ll either meet in the middle—or completely self-destruct!
Ally Neville spent decades of her life making something of herself, pushing aside all who got in her way. Now she’s one of the top attorneys in Manhattan, but along the way she lost track of everything else, like life…or love. Trying to overcome decades of stagnation and selfishness, Ally is turning over a new leaf and trying new things. A fling with a younger man might be just what the doctor ordered…
Richard Blake is the youngest COO in the city, and his struggle to prove himself has turned him into a person he hates, image-conscious and obsessed with winning at all costs. Ally comes crashing into his carefully ordered life like a wrecking ball. But maybe that’s exactly what he needs: someone to make him reevaluate everything he thought he knew about himself.
Love was never part of the plan, for either of them.
But their hearts have other ideas.

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