Hunting the Warlord’s Daughter by Susan Grant (ePUB)

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Hunting the Warlord’s Daughter (The Borderlands #2) by Susan Grant – Free eBooks Download


She wants freedom. He wants her.

Join the crew of the Unity on a new adventure as they turn their sights to Hunting the Warlord’s Daughter, an enemies to lovers sci-fi romance by New York Times & USA Today best-selling author Susan Grant . . .
The war is finally over, but hers is just beginning. Wren’s life is in tatters. The only living offspring of the notorious Drakken Warlord, she carries genes that could start a new dynasty of terror. And the Triad Alliance can’t have that. She alone holds the key to finding a legendary treasure. Having seen enough bloodshed, Wren vows to keep the treasure from falling into enemy hands—but she’ll need help.
The warlord’s ruthless evil turned Battlelord Aral Mawndarr toward treason years ago. War is all he knows, until he finds passion and love in the most unlikely of women—the warlord’s daughter. But will trusting each other with their secrets risk not only their hearts, but their lives?
(Based on the previously published title The Warlord’s Daughter)

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