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hunting alpha, kt nightshade

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Gideon Fletcher. The Stetson-wearing, pot-bellied fool had his goons snatch me off the street so I could end up in his office and witness him holding a gun at my uncle’s template. After negotiating a month to bounty hunt the man who supposedly killed Gideon’s daughter, I hit the road, used my bounty hunting contacts, and ended up in Moonlight Creek—a town hidden deep in the depths of the trees of Colorado. But developing feelings for the man I have to hunt is proving difficult. There’s something about Donovan Darman. Something deeper than instant attraction. And I have to act before it’s too late, going against my morals to save the man who raised me.

I’m glad I trusted my instincts when a stranger broke down on the outskirts of the creek—the place I’d built from the ground up. She threatens everything dear to me, including our secrets, and so I’ll tread carefully while discovering her true intentions and taking her down. Savannah will regret stepping into Moonlight Creek. My home. I’ll make sure of it. Even if the mate magic stirs my inner-wolf at the sight of her, and even if I fall for her, mind, body, and f***ing soul.

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