Hunting for Zoey by Annie Miller (ePUB)

hunting for zoey, annie miller

Hunting for Zoey (ECP: Bravo Manhunters #1) by Annie Miller – Free eBooks Download


One man broke her heart, stole her children, and ruined too many lives.
The second man tries to heal her, find her children, and risks everything for her.

For Zoey Wilson, she could not imagine her life ever being the same after her soon to be ex-husband kidnaps their children. Since they are still legally married, the police offer little assistance. How can she ever find them alone?
Then she meets Texas Ranger Jack Sheldon. He can sympathize with her situation, having lost a child before. He is determined to help her, even if it breaks protocol or costs him his job.
Together the two go on a statewide manhunt for her children, only to find heartache and romance along the way.
Will Zoey ever be able to trust a man again, after her husband hurt her so deeply? Can Jack keep his feelings in tact while looking for Zoey’s missing girls?
Will there be a happy ending for these two, or will their lives remain shattered because of those they chose to love in the past?

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