Hunting For Love by H.E. Carey (ePUB)

hunting for love, hannah e carey

Hunting For Love (Christmas on the Side) by H.E. Carey, Hannah E. Carey – Free eBooks Download


A marriage on the rocks. A homeless hound. Can they get a Christmas miracle?

Tori and Luke Sutton’s first year of marriage has been far from the idea of wedded bliss that the two of them envisioned. Luke’s job as a civilian with the US Navy, and the constant travel schedule that has come with it, has put a strain on their relationship. As the holidays approach, Tori is feeling the stresses of the last year and Luke’s absence.

Luke is struggling with the pressure from not only his job, but his family as well. He’s determined to achieve success, something that has been drilled into him his whole life, but will it come at too high a cost?

One fateful night on a back country road has the potential to change Luke and Tori’s lives and their relationship. A down-on-his-luck Coonhound is in need of a family and a safe place to call home. Tori is immediately smitten with the hound, though Luke is skeptical. Despite Luke’s reservations, the hound is determined to be a part of their lives and the dog might just be the key to bringing Luke and Tori their own Christmas miracle.

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