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hunter's trial, lynnea lee

Hunter’s Trial (Xarc’n Warriors: Mountains #5) by Lynnea Lee – Free eBooks Download


Of all the muscular purple warriors, I get stuck with the grumpy one.
Stuck in the cliffside lodge for months, I’m going stir-crazy while all the other women get to explore with their mates. Even Judy has her biker beau. I need to get out of here, so I ask Bre’k to take me foraging. I’m not surprised when, yet again, he says no.
At the clubhouse, after a freak storm cut the power to our lodge, one of the men offers to take me foraging. All of a sudden, Mr. Grumpy decides he wants to take me out after all!
What kind of I-don’t-want-you-but-he-can’t-have-you-either bullcrap is this? I don’t think so, Grumpy. But, to stop a fistfight from breaking out in Gabby’s kitchen, I agree—for one trip. Too bad the mate bond has other ideas.

She’s the sunshine that brightens our ledge.
Yvette was terrified of all hunters when she first arrived on the ledge. Not wanting to scare her, I learned to limit myself to human noises. No growling, no snarling, and absolutely no purring.
Desperate to keep her safe, I offer to look for the items she needs instead of taking her out foraging. I didn’t expect another male to offer to take her instead!
After shutting him down, the goal is simple: get her items, then get her back in one piece. Too bad my purring chest, mouthy shuttle, and a badly-timed mate bond decide to complicate things.

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