Hunter’s Moon by Jean Stokes (ePUB)

hunter's moon, jean stokes

Hunter’s Moon (Saybrook Wolf Shifters #1) by Jean Stokes – Free eBooks Download


Love and violence clash as old hatreds reemerge to challenge the future…

Natalie Haynes was born to the light, but that doesn’t make her perfect. She has spent her young life straining against the rigid structure of her clan. Despite her best efforts, Natalie remained trapped and unable to move forward. Unless she finds the strength to leave her family. But for ever action, a darker reaction lies in wait.
Unbeknownst to Natalie, she is already a pawn in the brewing war between light and dark. The only way out is by uniting with a natural born enemy.
Marko has battled his entire life and its never enough. Now, with Natalie at his side and in secret, he sees the opportunity to finally come into his own. Fate forced them together. Their hearts kept them there.
The deck is stacked them. Growing forces on both sides threaten their future, but should they win, Natalie and Marko stand to gain everything.

Can their fledgling relationship last against the rising tide of opposition or are they doomed to fail and play the roles they were groomed for?

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