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hunter, vanessa siena

Hunter (The Hastings #1) by Vanessa Siena – Free eBooks Download


“We’re not book smart, but street smart.”
Words my brother lives by. Jagger has always been my hero, my protector. He packed up our things one day and took us far away from our abusive, alcoholic father. He knew it was only a matter of time before he killed us.
So we left, and since the very beginning, my brother has done everything to keep me safe.
But not even Jagger can keep me away from his best friend.
Hunter has had a rough life like us, and some might say, he’s had it even worse. He’s impulsive, troubled, and has anger issues, but I see the man he is inside. He’s a survivor, and the more we grow closer, the more I know we are meant for each other.
But Hunter is keeping secrets from me…
To make matters worse, our father shows up and our life quickly spirals out of control.
Violence knows no bounds when it comes to this vile man and this time, I am not sure anyone will be able to protect me.

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