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hunter, leah moyes

Hunter (Gentlemen of War #2) by Leah Moyes – Free eBooks Download


Four younger sons,
Four brothers in arms,
Four gentlemen willing to do whatever it takes to protect the women they love.
-Gentlemen of War Series

Three minutes.
That is all the time it took to determine the heir and the spare to His Grace the Duke of Chilton’s title, and Hunter Matthews was most assuredly the spare.
Despite his twin brother Josiah’s wanton recklessness and debauchery, in accordance with the birthright rules, he inherits upon the death of their father, thus forcing Hunter to pursue a permissible occupation—His Majesty’s Armed Forces.
Furnished with a generous commission, Hunter swiftly joins the ongoing fight against France, leaving the future of the Matthews fortune in precarious, if not irresponsible, hands.
Fate, however, has a different plan.
When Josiah meets an untimely demise, the Duke of Chilton summons Hunter home to not only secure the role of the heir apparent but also the hand of Josiah’s unwanted fiancée.
Lady Gwendolyn Bissett, the only daughter of the Earl of Langley, is known throughout society as the Ice Princess, a diamond of the first water with unparalleled beauty and a disposition as cold as the winter frost.
Trapped in a loveless agreement with a man she despises, Gwendolyn adeptly safeguards her heart by concealing her true nature beneath an icy façade.
When Gwendolyn’s betrothed is killed one month before their wedding in a manner that injures her dignity, she fears her worth in the eyes of society might never recover. Until… Josiah’s twin brother and successor returns from the continent and agrees to uphold the marriage contract to mend the reputation of both families.
Under the scrutinizing gaze of the ton, Gwendolyn and Hunter embark upon a marriage between strangers, and what they both discover is nothing either of them expected.

Hunter is a clean, stand-alone Regency Romance. #2 in the Gentlemen of War Series about honorable military men who, after fighting for King and Country, return home to unexpected and unfamiliar lives.

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