Hunted By the Boss by Noah Maddix (ePUB)

hunted boss, noah maddix

Hunted By the Boss (The Costello’s Vengeance #5) by Noah Maddix, Raven Scott – Free eBooks Download


A dangerous game. A family full of secrets. A cunning takedown…
Things have calmed down… for the moment.
I play my part well, but I must be extremely careful.
If I’m found out, it’s game over.
Antonio has no idea that my cooperation is purely for my own self-interest.
Not that he fully trusts me, of course.
But I need information and I need it from him…
He really thinks I’ve turned against Vincent.
Something that I would never, ever do.
But Antonio is determined to get revenge and is blinded by hate.
And I will gladly use those qualities against him.
I’m learning more secrets than I ever thought I would. Antonio is much more useful than he imagines.
When I briefly reunite with Vincent, it’s explosive, and then it’s back to business for me.
Because I’m not just satisfied with gaining information.
I want to take Antonio out for good.
All by myself.

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