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Hunted (Blood of the Chosen #3) by D.L. Blade – Free eBooks Download


As his obsession grows, Maurice becomes more desperate. He won’t stop until Mercy is his once again. But the hunted has become the hunter, ready for its prey.

Mercy is barely holding on after losing her coven, who sacrificed themselves to save her life. But even in death, Caleb opens a path for Mercy to rediscover the ancient power that once revived her after she died the first time on Gallows Hill in 1692.
To find the magic she needs to bring back her coven, Mercy and Dorian journey to a desolate island and uncover long-hidden secrets from an ancient coven who practices magic beyond the grave. But their presence is unwelcome, and Mercy finds herself harnessing the universal elements to save the lives of her beloved coven.
Meanwhile, Maurice continues plotting to destroy the supernatural world until every last human on earth bows to him. Knowing he can’t kill Mercy, he conjures up sick and twisted games he can play with her in order to crown himself the Master of Hell. But as he toys with the woman who had once escaped his clutches, an obsession for the hunter who plots to take him down may be his undoing.

Where there is pain and destruction, a new power emerges, and Mercy must hold on to faith that good will triumph over evil because, if not, Hell will consume them all.

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