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hugh, stacy eaton

Hugh (The Blue Blood Returns #2) by Stacy Eaton – Free eBooks Download


Take a short journey back one year to when Hugh McMurphy’s fascination with the secret society of vampires led him to a leadership position in the newly started joint operation vampire task force. Was the allure to learn more motivated by curiosity or something deep-seated in his very soul?
After almost a year, Hugh and his crew finally get the break they were waiting for and learn more about the Mistress and her rival, Joseph Portage. It’s not until Portage initiates a clandestine meeting that Hugh will speak with the Mistress, and desire takes over for the two of them.

Kristin knows that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Hugh. Now she must deal with the issues of the breed and the secrets of her new and powerful mate. The ups and downs keep them all guessing, and Josh is hell-bent on figuring out what Hugh’s secret is.
Portage might have an in now, but he has a long way to go before he can control Kristin and take over the breed as the Master. While Zander continues to be confused by the dreams, things are starting to fall into place, and when a supposed friend tells him a story, Zander is determined to learn the rest.

It’s been years since Gabriel and Kristin spoke, but when he calls, she can’t ignore the message he has. Striking out on her own, she heads back to where it all started and will come face to face with not only her nemesis but a piece of her soul—but is it all a set-up to take over the breed?

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