How Will I Know by C. Lesbirel (ePUB)

how will i know, c lesbirel

How Will I Know (The 80s Baby) by C. Lesbirel – Free eBooks Download


★★ She’s a romance movie addict who dreams of the fairytale ending. He just wants to get out of Pine Grove but when their worlds collide, they will soon discover that even the biggest dreams can change. ★★

Zachary had no choice other than to get a job and save up every cent to allow him to get out of Pine Grove and leave the past behind, for good. The only highlight in his week was watching a pretty brunnette carefully pick out romance movies every Friday night. She was a stunner and way out of his league but when she puts in a job application, he discovers there’s much more to her than movie nights for one.

Lizzie adored romance movies, probably because her real life love life was seriously depressing. She had big dreams of becoming a screenwriter and a part time job at the video rental shop meant free rentals. When the cute guy with an attitude problem behind the counter, begins to let his guard down; Lizzie finds herself center stage in a whirlwind romance that could rival any of her beloved romance movies.

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