How to Woo a Highlander by Shona Thompson (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

how to woo highlander, shona thompson

How to Woo a Highlander by Shona Thompson – Free eBooks Download


People’s arrangements cannot chain the female heart; it flutters free.
Jane Baxendale, the daughter of an English captain, ought to do her duty and marry the Mackenzie laird for the sake of her country. All she could hope for is an amicable marriage of convenience. But wishes rarely come true when one’s heart is involved…
On her way there, she sees a Highlander from her fiancé’s clan in danger, and it is her duty to aid him.
Alastair is in a tight spot. When a beautiful Sassenach saves him, he is annoyed with her intervention, though he cannot control his fast-beating heart. Alastair intended to lead a life of loneliness, and here she comes changing his plans. However, it’s not as if he’ll meet her again… Or so he thought…
One’s plans cannot compete with the twinges of fate. Jane is set to marry Alastair’s best friend, and he has to see her every day in someone else’s arms…
How will Alastair act on his feelings without betraying his best friend? And will Jane be able to stop an oncoming war between England and Scotland?
It was hate at the first sight, but then it became love…

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