How to Train Your Space Dragons by Michelle Ziegler (ePUB)

how train space dragon, michelle ziegler

How to Train Your Space Dragons (Dragons Guide to Space Dating #2) by Michelle Ziegler – Free eBooks Download


She’s torn between two worlds, and he’s a dragon that was never meant to be tamed by anyone but her.

After an escape from her alien abduction, Zara finds herself navigating the unfamiliar terrain of another alien world. Tarek’s home planet. Stranded in a realm where dragons soar and humans live within domed cities, Zara battles her mind to accept that there is life beyond the stars.
Tarek, a powerful dragon shifter, wants to be her guide in this strange new world if she can let him. As their connection deepens, Zara discovers that perhaps her life was meant for something far beyond Earth.
Zara must confront her new reality, accepting the loss of her life left behind, and the need for a future with an alien dragon. The threads of her two worlds entwine and Tarek and Zara must navigate love, loyalty, and cosmic forces that threaten to tear them apart.

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