How to Steal Your Best Friend’s Fiancé by London Casey (ePUB)

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How to Steal Your Best Friend’s Fiancé (How to Rom Com #2) by London Casey – Free eBooks Download


Hello, world. My name is Emily and I am your doormat. No surprise, really. They say the past makes your future. Or something. Mine’s a perfect recipe of missed chances—like the ones I missed with Liam. The first kiss in high school that never happened because police sirens. That moment of panic in college that made me practically throw my best friend at him.
Now he and Miranda are engaged. Of course I smiled at her ring. Of course I smiled my happiness for them. They’re perfect for each other. So, when Miranda’s too busy, I smile and agree to help Liam pick out flowers. Even though I just got publicly dumped by my own boyfriend, right when I thought it was time to pick out my own.

On paper, I’ve got everything I worked my butt off for. The career in patent law that may not be glamorous, but it feeds my need to help out the little guy. The fiancée who’s racing up the corporate law ladder faster than a speeding skateboard.
Emily remembers when a skateboard was my only mode of transportation. She’s the same old Emily, putting everyone else first. And when the perfect life I’d envisioned falls apart, Emily’s there just like a good friend should.
And that’s right about when everything hits the proverbial fan…

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